“Now to the one who can do infinitely more than all we can ask or imagine according to the power that is working among us (Ephesians 3:20).”
We either have it or we don’t. It enables one to set and meet goals, encourages one not to quit, is sometimes limited but can increase with each success, can be influenced by how one feels, can be built up just like your muscles, and matters in getting things done. What am I talking about? Willpower. Willpower is a move to action to get things done through tenacity and grit but willpower doesn’t always work. However there is a power that is exceedingly greater than the power of will and that’s the power of God.

While willpower can accomplish great things the power of God can achieve the seemingly impossible; but you have to first believe in the power of God and then demonstrate it through steadfast faith. It is the lack of belief that defeats the plan of God that is when you will see the powerlessness of willpower.

In Christ weakness becomes strength. Who needs “Will…” when you’ve got Christ!