Trust In His Word

February 25, 2019

I often hear people express their anger with God. Whether it is out of frustration because He didn’t give you what you wanted or He allowed a negative event to take place, getting angry with God is not the best response.

So let’s consider anger out of frustration. Usually frustration is the effect of not accomplishing a goal. This is expressed in many ways including depressions, stress, and self-destructive habits. Before allowing that anger to gain full vent, consider the possibility that the goal you sought would not result in long-term success. Yes, for the moment it may feel good but in time, it may be the worst. Relative to not getting what you want, God’s ways are not our ways and there are some things that we may never understand in this lifetime.

If you trust the scriptures and the guidance that His word brings you will not find any that suggest we should be angry with God. Yes, you can express your anger towards God however realize your anger doesn’t change God’s will (thank God that He is filled with mercy). Why would you want to persist in being angry with the One who can do anything? If anyone had the right to be angry with God it would have been His Son. He did nothing wrong. It was going to take Him dying so that humankind would not be condemned to eternal death. When you look at it this way can you say you really have the right to express anger towards Him?

You will have moments when you become annoyed, irritated, resentful, exasperated, mad, grieved, enraged (you fill in whatever word fits) at God but it will not change His will or His plans. God is our Father and any good Father (which He is), will always do what’s best for his children because He loves them.

“As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.”

Psalm 18:30

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