The Journey

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).”

This road we’re on, this path of life is filled with twists and turns, detours, and roadblocks, with uphill’s and downhill’s but we trust that we will get where we’re going if and only if we stay the course. So what is the course, how do we navigate the road ahead, what awaits us around the corner, is there a guide, where is the map? If and only if the destination were sure.

It is the journey that leads to the destination but the destination is not the journey. The journey consists of the various stations/stages in life we travail; our birth, our family, our challenges, our successes, our failures, our work, our disappointments, our sadness, our grief, they are but a pilgrimage, a journey to that sacred place called heaven and the closer it seems we get to it the farther away it appears. The bible although rich and complex it is our guide as it is filled with the multifaceted wisdom of God. It is there where we start, it is the guide, and it is the place where the journey begins. It is the journey where life is transformed but it is Christ who transforms you on the journey.