The Gift of Mother’s

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12

Today would have been my mom’s eighty-fifth birthday. She died much too soon and yet I believe in God’s timing. Hearing so many stories about Mother’s Day and the excitement of children looking forward to honoring them with special gifts is of course heartwarming. Mother’s have a special place in the life of their children. As the life giver, she has the responsibility to nurture, care for, love and guide. It would be foolish to believe that mothers are perfect but they do the best they can given their specific set of circumstances.

My mother had her shortcomings but when I look back through the years I realize that she did her best. Today, I see a woman who was extremely resourceful and out of my life far too soon. I learned a lot from her both good and bad but I am so grateful for the mother God gave me.   Because of her I’m here and I have been able to see her love in the only way she was able to share it. She wasn’t perfect but who said she had to be.

A mother’s love can’t be measured in what she does but in who she is and how she lives. Whether married or single, rich or poor, working or stay at home, young or old, it is a privilege God has given that she is able to bring forth life. Yes, some may not have been godly and they may have even caused you great pain, but pray for her and forgive her for any hurts you may have experienced.

So be thankful for the mother God gave you and honor her as God instructs. It is a special relationship between mother and child and one God established from the beginning of time.