Thank God for Friday

Friday’s, the most looked forward to, anticipated, celebrated and stress releasing time of week. 9-5’ers appreciate the ability to decompress, to get away from a humdrum office environment, horrible bosses, discontent co-workers, and depending on your work setting, hostile and rude customers. So why do we appreciate Friday?

Friday is the day that our body and mind says “relax”; that it’s okay to take a break, to rejuvenate, to catch up on unfinished business, to connect with family and more. But there was a Friday that had greater purpose and that was “Good Friday”. It was the day of quiet reflection, mourning, and prayer as we recall the crucifixion of Christ and its significance for Christians all over the world.

Friday’s represent pulling away from the world and its troubles allowing for a moment to regroup and to prepare for what’s next. But Good Friday brings us more than a brief respite. Good Friday promises us hope for the future. A promise God made to all repentant sinners, a day for all to look forward to.

Thank God for Friday!