Suffering and Faith

“The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” Matthew 8:25

“Suffering is part of the human condition, and it comes to us all. The key is how we react to it, either turning away from God in anger and bitterness or growing closer to Him in trust and confidence (Billy Graham, Just As I AM).”

Suffering wants relief so where is God during those times. He’s still there and wants you to reach out to Him when enduring periods of distress and hardship. Whether or not He responds immediately is of least importance but just knowing He hears you brings relief.

God’s silence does not mean He’s ignoring your pain, He is building your character so that your faith becomes stronger. On the surface suffering is traumatizing and negative however there is also the potential for growth. Consider when Jesus was asleep on a boat and a furious storm arose. Obviously fear set in the hearts of those that were with Him so they cried out to Him awakening Him from His sleep. Their words, “carest thou not that we perish”? Jesus’ response; “You of little faith, why are you so afraid (Matthew 8:23-27)?” Jesus’ focus was strengthening their faith not destroying their lives.

So the next time God is silent and those storms arise realize that He is increasing your faith and preparing you for the next storm that comes. So don’t be consumed with what can happen in the storm but energized in the inner strength gained through faith in Him.