Running After Christ

“Do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry.
But you said, ‘It’s no use! I love foreign gods, and I must go after them.’”
Jeremiah 2:25

The harried pace of the holidays is a recipe for stress and anxiety as you run here and there seeking to create the perfect Christmas. It takes a toll on our bodies as our focus becomes the task instead of hearing the signals that we need to slow down. There are no significant benefits for being in a rush. In fact the opposite often occurs; unhappiness, sickness, poor decision making, missed opportunities, and the possibility of the loss of relationships. We’ve allowed retailers and over commercialization by media outlets to dictate what will make us happy but all of these things are superficial.

Be careful that you don’t get caught up in the shameless quests of things that rob you of your health and your peace. People will often forget the gifts you gave but they will remember the time you spent with them. When I look back over the years I recall the fun times, the happy times, the times when my loved ones were still here and I could look forward to seeing them. Now that they’re gone, I long for those days gone by but I have a promise of seeing them again.

Heaven and earth will pass away but thanks be to God His love endures forever. If you must run, run after Christ.