My Psalm

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1

Have you ever written a poem as a form of expression about something or to someone? Poems put emotions into words and the writer or writers of the Psalms had many. Often when praising, sometimes in acknowledgement, frequently when lamenting, in times of despair, continually in hope, and sometimes in anger, the psalms address a wide range of emotions. Although written centuries ago it is easy to find one (psalm) that speaks to our lives in the present day.

There is a wide range of emotions as it pertains to the situations we experience in life. Some so deep and agonizing that they seek to rob us of the life that God wants for us. When we can’t find the words the psalms can serve as salve for the soul, pulling you from despair to hope and from sadness to joy. How wonderful it is that God saw fit to give us this beautiful collection of poetry to help us on this pilgrimage called life.

If you can’t find a psalm that fits your specific circumstance consider writing one of your own. Just look up at the heavens and observe the stars in the sky or the creatures that roam the earth. Just take a look around and you may be surprised at the beauty you’ll find in some very unlikely places. Feel the heart warming stories you hear and put words to them. Such expressions have a way of helping us to see God in new ways. And most of all end your psalm in expressions of praise that God allows us to observe it all!

And so, here’s mine:

“Lord I lift my heart and mind to you;
You have shown me the beauty of creation
And I glorify Your name.
Who is mightier than You;
You who created the universe and saw fit to create such beauty cause my heart to leap at the wonder of Your power and Your love.
In times of sorrow and despair you have protected me;
You have kept me safe and covered me with your unfailing love.
I will praise Your name forever and I will share Your love for all the days of my life.”

So, what’s yours? I’d love to here them.