Don’t Worry, Pray

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).”

It’s all over the news creating panic and fear, the coronavirus. Because its origin is not clear it has caused uncertainty and fueling anxiety. In site of the unknown what must you do? Pray!

There will be things in the world that cannot be controlled. Such thoughts incite anxiety and if not careful a full-blown panic attack. Every day news reports give something to worry about, to cause alarm, to make you feel vulnerable. There will always be something that shakes your spirit but no need to succumb to the worry instead seek God in the midst of it.

Instead of worrying about what might happen pray for those who have been affected by the unknown. It is through prayer we believe that God hears us and is able to heal, restore and deliver from the calamities of life.

Dear Lord,
In the midst of fear you are there. I pray right now for Your deliverance for those who have been affected by this malady. There is nothing new to You and You know all things. This disease has affected many people but You can bring comfort and healing. Our hope and trust is in You and in You alone. Help us to not give into our fear(s) but to trust in You and in Your power. Free us from any worry as we seek healing and peace, for it is in the confidence of your power we pray. Amen